Learn About Laur's Classic Corgis of Georgia

Our family breeding program focuses on raising happy and healthy AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Gwinnett County Georgia.

We are
  • Passionate about Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s
  • Obsessed with breeding amazing family pets
  • Fanatical regarding our Corgi’s health
  • Committed to Supporting Local Rescues

Our corgi puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. This means introducing our puppies from day 3 to countless sounds, volumes, textures, animals, stimulations, experiences and fun! A well socialized puppy is not only healthier and happier; it makes for the perfect pet!

We know that the interval of time between day 3 and 16 is the most crucial window of time for the rapid development and growth of the neurological system in puppies. To encourage our puppies’ neurological growth and development, we follow a program created by the military called “Bio-Sensor” or later termed “Super Puppy” training which according to studies gives dogs a big advantage in life.

From day 16 until the day the puppy goes home, we work daily on socialization.  We strive to raise puppies that are well adjusted and exposed to as many situations as possible.  The puppies are “loved on” by people of all ages. We even introduce our puppies to our cats! 

Sensory training also begins at 4 weeks. The puppies play in an area where there are many new sights, sounds, colors and textures. This encourages the puppies to investigate their surroundings and challenge themselves. We constantly change textures the puppies feel with their paws and introduce the puppies to slight stressors and other challenges. We do this in an effort to create a well rounded puppy that is ready to explore new environments with confidence.

We will make a donation to one of our favorite local animal rescues with each puppy purchased.

How We Work

Pet Purchase Process



Why a Corgi?

Make sure that a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the right dog for you.  Understand the breed and what a healthy Corgi needs to thrive.



Join the Waitlist

We all hate waiting, however we don’t always have a puppy available.  The best way to assume a puppy is to get on the waiting list.



Take your puppy home

Take home day is the best, but you quickly learn you just got a velociraptor.  Follow up with us for support and help.

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