Litters and Pairings

How We Work

Pet Adoption Process



Why a Corgi?

Make sure that a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the right dog for you.  Understand the breed and what a healthy Corgi needs to thrive.  Beware of corgi glitter!



Join the Waitlist

We all hate waiting, however we don’t always have a puppy available.  The best way to reserve a spot is to get on the waiting list.



Take your puppy home

Take home day is the best, but you quickly learn you just got a velociraptor.  Follow up with us for support and help. We have a private owners facebook group of other previous puppy owners.

Meet Our Puppies

Puppies are a mix of red and tri-color puppies, all are genetically tested for disease by Embark and registered by the AKC as full breed Pembrook Welsh Corgis.  We live in Snellville, Georgia and have people who travel from North and South Carolina, Tennessee, South Georgia and Florida as well as Alabama.  You can see which puppies are available and fill out an application on Good Dog.  Feel free to fill out an application and talk with us on Zoom or facetime.

House of Windsor (3) - 10th of Dec

Reindeer Gang (7) - 24th of Dec

Georgia Grown (6) - 31st of Dec

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